Here at Kid City, we believe that a summer program is MORE than just a babysitting club.  This is why we have established the following as our philosophy.  It is loosely based on the High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development.

We provide...

  1. ... caring adults Our adult staff has many years of experience working with children in various contexts. We understand the need to be teachers at times and friends as needed. We provide an open environment of nurture, care, tolerance, acceptance and fun!

  2. ... the opportunity to make friends Many of our activities are group-based with minimal independent activities. Unstructured play allows children to make friends and bond on their own terms. Structured play promotes teamwork and bonding.

  3. ... the opportunity to play We have designated times for unstructured play to satisfy any curiosity. We provide ideas at various play stations that allow children to be children! By giving them some freedom, they can claim ownership of their own decisions.

  4. ... the opportunity to master skills Our interest-based activities will satisfy any curiosity. Our program incorporates as many different options as possible to enable children to find something in which they are more interested and to develop it during their time at Kid City.

  5. ... the opportunity to participate We are open and inclusive. If an obstacle is in the way of a child engaging in an activity, we will immediately take steps to remove it and minimize any future hindrances. We believe that all children should be able to participate in any of their desired activities.

We care about those who are vulnerable and want to do everything we can to protect the children at Kid City Day Camp. Having a Plan to Protect policy is how we demonstrate our commitment to protection, show care to our volunteers and staff, and demonstrate accountability, transparency, and integrity. All of our paid staff and volunteer leaders have been trained on Plan to Protect policies and procedures. In addition, we take the following steps:

  • Our ratio is 2 screened adult staff to 1-20 children. On field trips, the ratio is 2 screened adults for every 1-10 children. We reinforce our supervision even more by adding responsible volunteer leaders to assist the adults.

  • There is always at least one staff member who is first-aid certified.

  • We provide t-shirts for off-site trips to easily identify the children under our care.

  • We utilize an electronic check-in system and a safe word identification to ensure children pick-up is secure.

Kid City Day Camp is a program of the Vancouver Chinese Pentecostal Benevolent Society.  Because of our affiliation, we also ascribe to the Statement of Fundamental & Essential Truths of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

While Kid City Day Camp is considered a faith-based summer program, our emphasis is not on Bible teaching, but on the nurturing of children in an environment where positive values, morals, attitudes and behaviours are encouraged and developed.  We might share faith-based stories and songs to support our values and say a prayer of thanks before meals.  If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate in contacting us at